Marketing Your Listing


Along about now, most sellers are trying to figure out how they can pay the least amount of money for the real estate agency commission.  While 4% agents are out there, think twice before you choose one over the standard 6%.  Discount real estate brokers and agents are very often chains that are not even located in your neighborhood.  This can work against you in several ways.  For one thing, real estate sales are all about agents who know the neighborhood inside out, backwards, forwards and sideways.  They know how to show your property as if they live there—pointing out all of the advantages in the neighborhood—precisely because they do live there.  You are not going to get that kind of showing ability from someone whose headquarters is in the Midwest when you’re in New York.  Discount brokers can backfire when your potential buyer tries to set up an appointment to see your house as well.  What typically happens is that instead of getting a local office number for the agent who is listing it, they get a 1-800 number asking for all of their contact information with a promise that someone will be in touch with them soon.  Usually, by the time they get around to figuring out which agent can show you the house, the potential buyer is already in the wind. Then too, the agent you work with is going to take on substantial cost for advertising your property, getting flyers and listing sheets printed, etc.  Bottom line then, a 4% agent is going to be subtracting those costs from his commission and is going to withhold essential marketing help accordingly.  Think about it.  In his or her shoes, you would too, so resolve to pay your agent what they’re worth, because they bring years of expertise and resources to the table that you need.

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