Photo of Cono Natale

Rookie of the Year 2013

Cono Natale has been buying, managing and developing real estate in NYC for over 25 years. Because he loves making deals happen so much, he decided to use his seasoned knowledge and talents helping others find similar reward. Cono tries to ensure for his clients not only the best home for their needs, but the best deal their budget can afford. He educates buyers, renters and sellers, on the realities of the market, managing their expectations while showing them what’s possible and practical based on their unique situations and preferences.

Coupled with his extensive real estate experience is Cono’s long and successful 25-year background as an owner in the restaurant/nightlife business, which involved his servicing clients well and scouting the market for prime locations for his establishments. Cono has always been a good manager, whether it involves people or properties. He’s also creative in his thinking, quick to come up with solutions for any type demand, and always upfront about what can work and what won’t. Clients appreciate his candor, and his dedication to their total satisfaction.

Specializing on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick neighborhoods, Cono helps to connect lifelong New Yorkers with those moving to the area. As a native New Yorker who was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and has been living in and out of Manhattan for 30 years–Cono truly grasps how these neighborhoods are changing and can assist buyers, sellers and investors looking to call these robust parts of the city home. He graduated from St. John’s University, is involved in community fundraisers and has a vast network of contacts throughout the city making the property process smooth and stress free.