“Dear Mr. Sorrentino,
I would like just to let you know how nice it has been dealing with Cono in these days. He has been incredibly available previously via emails and today he has showed us a lot of apartments. We had only a couple of days to find something we liked and we were actually able to do it in the first day. Cono has been extremely helpful in explaining us about the apartment-hunting process here in NY. We saw a lot of apartments we actually seriously considered and we did not waste any time looking at places that were off budget or that did not fulfill our requests. Not only he demonstrated to be very competent but also a very nice person to deal with.
Overall, I would recommend everybody to work with Cono to find their perfect apartment!”
~ Giulia Quattrocolo

“Mr. Natale was exceptionally responsive and exceptionally diligent. Often, one’s time is very limited so having an agent who listens, actually hears and understands what is being said and then gets to work immediately is a tremendous asset. It took us less than a week to find what we consider to be the perfect apartment in NYC, a very challenging market with which we had no prior experience. It was Mr. Natale’s experience, integrity, and quick work that secured the apartment which we hope to occupy happily for many years. I highly recommend him for NYC housing needs! Mr. Natale will save you time, anxiety and many sleepless nights. I recommend him highly.”
~Virginia J.

“At the end, it turned out that my broker from City Habitat, Cono Natale, has been great in finding the right place for me, despite the lack of a guarantor and the budget limitation. Thanks to him, I was able to sign the lease last Thursday and he also applied the discount on the broker fee for NYU-affiliated employee. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in my situation.”

“I’m writing you as the new tenants (Jose and Sandra). We want to thank you for helping us to find our new apt and besides we really appreciate the bottle of wine that you sent us. It was a great surprise. Also thanks for helping Anna. I’ll let you know if someone else that I know needs an apt.”
~Jose and Sandra

 “Cono was extremely helpful with any and all needs we had with the apartment. With one quick phone call Cono would be right there to help with whatever problem or query. He attention to customer service is invaluable.”
~Romana Soutus

“Thank you for your help finding the apartment.
It was an efficient process, I really like the place.

“Thank you for helping me to find the apartment and to get the process completed with minimum difficulties.  I really appreciate your patience and kindness, especially when the lawyers held us up so unconscionably, I will be contacting the super tomorrow to get my keys and arrange my move.
It’s been a pleasure working with you.

 “Cono Natale was a wonderful realtor in helping us move into our first Williamsburg home. He was incredibly helpful in making the transition into our new apartment efficient and quick. Furthermore, he has been incredible in taking care of the property with respect and diligence. Cono represents a gold standard of how a realtor should take care of his properties and his tenants. I highly recommend him for all of your realtor needs.”

Cono worked with my wife and I to help us purchase our first home ( Riverdale, Bronx).  We couldn’t have been more happy with the how the process went and really feel that Cono played a huge role in our overall experience.He was very patient, informative, helpful and thorough. I could not recommend him enough.  We originally reached out to a friend of ours, Roy Silber, to see if he could assist us and unexpectedly he recommended Cono based on our search criteria at the time.  We could not have been happier with this recommendation.We sent Cono on a goose chase and at one point he finagled 12 appointments in the same day (my wife was pregnant at the time and was exuding a sense of fear and urgency).  Cono took it in stride and in the end found us the perfect match.  We could not be happier with the apartment he found for us and our lasting impression of the process.We will definitely be reaching out to Cono when we look to sell and/or purchase again. ”
~Nate Rubin

Thanks Cono,

           It was great talking with you also.  You seem like a realtor that doesn’t pull punches and paint rosy pictures.  I can’t stand bullshit, which seems to proliferate in your business.  I like the fact that you give the straight dope and a realistic assessment of the situation.  I will be in touch.  Thanks again.
~ Lew 

 It was a pleasure working with Cono throughout the process of finding a new apartment. He went above and beyond to make sure that my roommate and I were able to secure the apartment that we really wanted. I would highly recommend him!
~ Chris Owyang

I am extremely grateful to Cono for his help with finding a great apartment in NYC.

I was looking for a studio in the Upper East Side, but my budget and time were limited, and I did not have a guarantor, all factors that could have turned my apartment searching process in a very stressful experience.

However, Cono has been always extremely encouraging, patient, and quick in finding, and showing me, various studios meeting my criteria, until we found the perfect one for me. I have been living there for almost a year and I am going to renew my lease soon, but if ever need to move again in the City I will definitely contact him again!

I owe a great living situation in NYC to Cono and I would certainly recommend him to anyone, whether it is someone in my situation or not.
~Anna Pensalfini