Portrait of Cono Natale

Welcome to NYC.  I  this city and hope you do too. 

There’s a lot of great things about NYC and everyone comes here for a great experience. If you are looking to find a home, this should be relatively easy.    

“Cono Natale was a wonderful realtor in helping us move
into our first Williamsburg home. He was incredibly helpful
in making the transition into our new apartment efficient
and quick. Furthermore, he has been incredible in taking
care of the property with respect and diligence. Cono
represents a gold standard of how a realtor should
take care of his properties and his tenants. I highly
recommend him for all of your realtor needs.” 
~ Claire

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Clients are happy and get the best possible experience and in their price range.  As a property owner, I’m all too familiar with the aspects of buying, selling and renting.  

Maybe you are ready to either buy, sell or rent a home, it behooves you to contact me. I’d be more than happy to help. There’s nothing quite like seeing a smiling face when I give them the keys to their home for the first time—life’s little pleasures.

Let’s call this Native New Yorker fact — the “Cono Advantage.  


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