Fine Tuning Your Price


Okay, with your comps analysis in front of you, and given that your price should fall within 10% of those sold listings, let’s take a look at the other factors you need to evaluate in order to tweak your price to perfection.

First, since the majority of buyers begin their property searches online these days, you want to see what they see. With that in mind, head on over to one of the many real estate property value estimators like Zestimate on  The reason you need to look at this is that in every online lisiting, some version of a “Zestimate” price will appear next to your asking price.  What that means is that right away, buyers will calculate the difference between what you think your house is worth and what a good real estate web site thinks its worth.  No, they’ve never been inside your home and have no idea how much money you’ve put into it, but you need to know this number.  While you’re there, also examine what the web site says the  for your property are.  Yes, some of these numbers will be off, but look at them anyway to get a sense of what you’ll be up against with potential buyers who have seen those numbers.

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