Sellers Boot Camp: Or, How to Price Your Home to Sell

Setting price right

You know the conversation.  You’re standing around at a cocktail party in your neighborhood when someone says, “Did you hear that the Mortensen’s are asking $550,000 for their co-op?” or someone else comments, “Yeah, I even saw a $575 in the next block.”  But before you start seeing dollar signs behind your eyes every time you close them, understand that if you’re a home owner getting ready to sell, the only story you want told about your listing is, “Did you hear that  place went in three days?  The agent didn’t even have time to get the ‘For Sale’ sign up!” And this is never truer than when you’ve already had the offer on your next place accepted and the closing date has been set.  This is not an instruction manual on “How to get a bridge loan.”  This is the instruction manual for pricing your property right the first time so you never need one.

Pricing your home correctly for a quick sale is not an art, it’s a science. And while some psychology will be in play here, pricing your home correctly is primarily about strategy, not emotion.  So, ready to roll your sleeves up and get started?  Welcome to Sellers Boot Camp!

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