Staging your apartment for sale 7-10 of 10


7. If you are not taking your pets with you on your vacation, by all means make arrangements for them to stay elsewhere. Litter boxes, pet food or the presence of an animal wandering around are all big no no’s when it comes to making a sale. Remember too, that many people are allergic and much as we love Fido and Fifi, bear in mind that not everyone will! Alternatively, a live-in pet sitter can make it possible for your pet to remain at home, but be sure that any animal is in a crate during showings, preferably outside the main living areas of your home;

8. Fresh flowers, strategically placed, add a feeling of elegance, but only use them if you can make arrangements with either your cleaning help or a concierge, etc., to change them out frequently enough to prevent them from spoiling;

9. Make sure that you leave your apartment at a comfortable temperature. If this means leaving the air conditioning running on low, do it. You don’t want buyers oppressed by an overheated or stuffy space; And,

10. Leave your keys with your real estate agent and prepare to have a great vacation while he or she does all of the work. Arrange to have a back up set of keys available to your agent, or, if you’re apartment will be on a lock box, make sure that someone close by–a neighbor, concierge or building maintenance personnel know how to deal with any sticky issues getting in, such as a security system if you have one.

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