Staging Your Apartment to Sell: 4-6 of 10


4. Right before you leave, be sure to clear out any dirty laundry in the bathroom hamper or in kid’s rooms, closet floors, etc., and then after a thorough cleaning, hang fresh towels and add a decorative item or two which will not require maintenance, such as a small arrangement of artificial flowers, or a lovely candle. As with the kitchen, however, strive to keep the counter tops, vanity, etc., as clear of any other personal items as you can. Also unplug any electric air fresheners throughout your apartment. Scent, like color, is a highly personal choice and you don’t want to risk losing a buyer because they’re put off by the scent;

5. You will, of course, want to have your apartment thoroughly cleaned by a trusted professional as you’re leaving for your vacation. And yes, this time, someone is going to need to do the windows as well! That way, you’ll be assured that potential buyers will find your home in spotless condition. Make arrangements for a cleaning service to come in periodically while you’re away as well, since dust gathers even when we’re not around!;

6. Arrange to have your mail held either at the post office or in a neighbor’s home. You do not want it piling up while you’re away on a table or kitchen counter where it will create an impression of sloppiness or prevent a buyer from seeing a clean space. Also, be sure to have any package deliveries, newspapers, etc. held elsewhere as well. You don’t want buyers tripping over piles to get in the front door!;

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