Staging Your Apartment to Sell: 1-3 of 10


In addition to editing back your personal items, here are some additional things you’ll want to consider to set off your apartment to its best advantage for selling:

1. Since the purpose of staging your home for sale is to create a feeling of spaciousness, make sure that you clear any obstructions to free movement in and around each area of your apartment. Look at furniture that blocks access to a window, or a path to another room and either remove it or reposition it to allow buyers free movement throughout your apartment. Similarly, make sure that all children’s toys, magazine piles, books, etc., are neatly stored where they belong;

2. Consider painting your apartment white. Color, like other accessories, is a highly personal choice and at minimum, you should consider repainting rooms that are currently painted in strong or unusual colors. Again, this is not a commentary on your personal taste, but simply a way to increase the likelihood of a quick sale. It’s hard to predict how a buyer will react to your choice of bright color or if a certain color is not a favorite, etc. Certainly consult with your Real Estate agent first about whether he or she feels repainting is advisable. Also look at any painted area that needs retouching. Are there scratches on your front door? Nicks on cabinetry or baseboards that need a quick touch up? Get those minor repairs done now, so that your buyer isn’t bothered by all the small imperfections. Even though these are minor fixes, taken all together, they can leave a potential buyer with the impression that there’s a lot of work to be done and he or she may offer a substantially lower bid based on that general impression, so head it off at the pass!;

3. In the kitchen, make sure that all counters are clear and hide bulky appliances and other kitchen counter clutter in cabinets. Once again, the idea is to allow the buyer to see open space where he or she can imagine seeing their own things. And since you’re going to be away, be sure to toss anything in your refrigerator and freezer that could go bad in your absence, since the last thing you want is an unpleasant odor pervading the room. Similarly, be sure to clear out all kitchen garbage before you leave;

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