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Other, less tangible factors that might differentiate your property price-wise abound. Look at the features that are the most attractive to potential buyers. Does your home feature tons of closet space? Offer all new, high-end kitchen appliances? Do you have central air, while the comps only have wall units? Is your home gas heated, while the comps are baseboard electric? Buyers will note all these costs of running and maintaining their next home as they look at your property so, again, learn to see your property with a buyer’s eyes. This may even be a time to make some quick, but cost-effective improvements, like removing dated wallpaper and replacing it with neutral paint, taking down heavy window treatments and replacing them with attractive blinds to open up the space, or converting an extra room to a home office, since home offices are much in demand. Even relatively minor tweaks to your property like these can increase the initial offers you receive. When you’ve spent a few hours or even weekend thinking like a buyer, you’ll be in a much better position to appraise the actual value of the improvements you’ve made with a cool head.

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