Plaster Dust Or Packing Boxes?


You’re sitting around relaxing after dinner and suddenly you realize you’re at the point of no return in the renovate or relocate conversation and it’s time to make a decision…You know you want more space, or a brand new kitchen…possibly another bath and you think if you just reworked the space you have a renovation of your apartment might well give you what you want. But then again, there are certainly other apartments out there that might give you your wish list without all the hassles of reconstruction. Sure, you can survive plaster dust seeping into the wood grain of your furniture, but do you want to? So, how do you get off the see-saw of the renovate or relocate discussion and begin to move forward? It may help to consider some of the following issues.
The first question to ask yourself in the famous renovate or relocate debate is whether location is the most important issue for you? Are you, in fact, wedded to your building for life? Or could you see yourself giving up that chic residence near the U.N. for a Sutton Place bargain? Every neighborhood and every building in it have their respective issues, so ask yourself honestly whether you absolutely have to stay where you are or whether it isn’t time to start doing some apartment hunting.

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