Staging Your Apartment… For Sale

For Sale
You’ve no doubt heard other sellers talking about having their homes “staged” for selling, and sometimes professionals are called in who do nothing but stage apartments for sale. But the secrets to staging your place for sale are all things that you as a seller can accomplish without outside help (or bills) and you’re about to learn some of the most important trade secrets for staging your apartment for sale right here.

When you met with your Real Estate agent, he or she no doubt made some suggestions for things to do with your apartment to garner a quick sale. Very often, you’ll hear an agent tell you, “Clear away the clutter.” Many sellers take that advice personally and feel insulted, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s the mark of a great agent. Far from knocking your personal taste, what your agent is really doing is ensuring that a potential buyer can picture themselves living in your space. So, let’s make this simple: The most important key to selling your home is letting the potential buyer picture themselves at home in your apartment.

The very things that personalize your home as uniquely yours and truly make it feel like home for you, can have the opposite effect on a buyer, who may look at all the personal things and not be able to see past them to envision their own things in the space. Ideally, what you want to do as you prepare your apartment for sale then, is to look at your home objectively and clear out anything that might prevent the buyer from easily seeing themselves living in your apartment. So, before you start cleaning and arranging things, walk around your apartment looking for ways to increase the feeling of spaciousness. First, be certain that there are clear paths in and around your apartment and that no area is blocked by things on the floor or a badly placed piece of furniture. If necessary, remove a few pieces to a storage facility to create more space. You’ll soon have them back in your new home and you’ll sell your existing home much faster if you do. The idea here is to edit your personal possessions back, so that only the most essential possessions remain. Ask yourself if each item will allow the buyer to see themselves in the space or hinder them from feeling your apartment could be theirs and then edit your possessions accordingly. And try not to be offended by this task or by suggestions your agent may make about reducing clutter because, again, they are not attacking your taste, they simply know that the name of the game is to allow that potential buyer to envision themselves in your space. There is absolutely nothing personal about this. It is simply about allowing the largest number of buyers to envision their own things where yours are now.


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