Start With a Great Real Estate Agent

When you have the right Real Estate agent, you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing you can easily leave your home in his or her hands, because they’ll  treat it as if it was their own.  It goes without saying that you want someone with a true depth of experience in your market-someone who knows and can sell your neighborhood.

That said, you also want an agent who has extensive experience in property valuation so that you will receive solid guidance on pricing your property correctly relative to comparable property in your area. Yes, you may want to put a certain price on your property, but the role of a good agent is to assess the right price and obtain a quick sale.

Putting a pie-in-the-sky price on your apartment, or worse, trying to force your agent to do it, will not only prevent you from receiving offers, it may also alienate other Real Estate agents who will then not show your apartment at all.

The right agent will also qualify those who want to see your apartment ahead of time, ensuring that anyone coming to see your home is truly capable of making an offer.

Of course, a good agent will also keep track of all showings and stay on top of feedback about your apartment from other agents showing your property, which gives you the peace of mind to enjoy that beach umbrella.

Cono Natale

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